Today’s Air Show fans have experienced a world full of amazing productions.  Their senses have been blown away at concerts, theaters, and even their local house of worship.



So why is it that most Air Shows are content with using paging horn technology that hasn’t changed in 50 years?



Air Show One the uses most modern line array speaker technology.  Each speaker cluster is capable of reproducing full bandwidth program material over very long distances.



Computer modeling software is used on each speaker cluster to ensure smooth even coverage with no dead spots, making sure your entire audience is involved in the entire air show experience.




Air Show One can provide your Air Boss with custom built and dependable VHF radio equipment from ICOM, along with custom audio panels that allow simultaneous operation by two to four people. Should you require UHF aircraft communications capabilities, Air Show One has a system on site. You can furnish your own headsets, or we provide state-of-the-art Sennheiser aviation headsets as part of our package.  


In addition to the custom packaged radio equipment, Air Show One provides GPS synchronized master digital clocks for the air boss, announcer and Air Show One operators.  The digital timing system also has count down and count up capabilities for when you are coordinating missing man formations or other precision timed performances. 


Because weather plays such an important role in aviation, Air Show One provides your air boss with a local weather station, as well as a laptop computer with DSL capabilities to access aviation and weather radar sites.













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