“Awesome sound! Great crowd coverage, but just as important is the production sense of these gentlemen. It's right on.  Love working with a fully digital system which gives me a whole host of options.”


Larry Strain
Announcer, Air Boss, ICAS Board Member 



"If you want to make your airshow memorable, go with the sound professionals at Air Show One.  Not only will you get concert quality sound, you'll get quality pro's like Jay Rabbitt and Kent Kelsey executing your show, handling the music, and even producing on site promo's, stagings, interviews and sound effects that will give your airshow the impact of a full blown multi media production.  I don't want do an airshow without them; I know you're serious about putting on a quality performance when you hire Air Show One."


Scott Slade
WSB Radio
Announcer, Radio Personality


"Nancy and I have been announcing air shows for almost two decades.  We're convinced that Air Show One...and the people who make it work...are the missing element for your event.  They do their homework, operate top notch equipment at a truly professional level and bring to any air show the sort of top quality sound your outstanding event deserves.  On top of that, they are great guys to work with.  If I were an air show producer, they are the second people I would hire...right after the announcers, of course!"


Bill & Nancy Lowe
Big Mouth Productions/ Air Show Announcers
Rochester, NY   nanbilowe@frontiernet.net































































Jay Rabbitt: jay@airshowone.com 404.456.7539


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